We have the following products available.

For added security we can install a B&D Controll-A-Door® Secure garage door motor with a bolt lock that locks your door by bolting it above one of the rollers every time it closes so that no one can break into your garage door from outside.

  • You can also add a Wi-Fi smart phone kit to this motor so that the door can be opened and closed remotely from your smart phone.
  • You can also receive notifications every time the door has been open or closed.
  • To use the B&D app that allows you to open and close the door remotely you’ll have to have a camera of some sort so you can see the door opening closing for safety reasons or have Safety Beams installed on the door.

Can also be connected to a phone app at an extra cost.

Merlin have the following features.

Can be installed with safety beams and a phone app to operate your door remotely as well as send notifications every time the door opens and closes.

Cell Phone Options.

You can have your door remotely opened by any cell phone that has call ID Displayed using the following device.

This 4G handy device can be installed to gates or garage doors.

WIFI Devices that also work through the phone data network.

This following device is available.

We also have a Wi-Fi device that works on an App Called SmartLife that can be fitted to any motor or garage door that is panel lift or tilt only they can do the following functions.

  • You can be notified on your smart phone if the door has been opened or closed at any time even if the door has been open manually. (Note this devise will notify you that the door is being opened or closed even if the motor was not used to open the door as it doesn’t require the motor to trigger notifications to send to you as it works independently). Example doors open manually by someone using emergency release you still get notified the door opens.
  • You can also remotely open and close your door using your smart phone provided you are in cell phone service.  (You do require a camera of some sort that you can see the operation of your door working for safety reasons or safety beams fitted to the doors motor to have this option connected).
  • Beta: You can also have a return home function set that automatically opens your garage door upon you arriving home without having to push or touch any buttons, as well as setting it to only open automatically at pacific times set by you.

This is the best main three functions that this Wi-Fi device can do, but it does also have the capability to open by voice commands using Google.


Long range secure remote systems.

Any garage door can have its remotes system upgraded too long rage 128 bit encryption remotes so no one can code break into your garage door by simply installing 128bit tri code receivers and remotes to your door for added security with out changing your motor opener.


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