Replacement Garage Door Remote

If you require a new replacement garage door remote because it was lost, stolen or worn out.

We can supply you with a new replacement garage door remote key fob to suit just about any garage door and some gates.

Stolen Garage Door Remotes.

If you have had your garage door remotes stolen we can supply you with new replacement genuine and aftermarket remotes for most models.

Also we delete all existing remotes so they don’t work any longer and only add back the remotes you have to work on your door only.


Worn Out Remotes.

In many cases remotes can be worn out and not transmit a signal strong enough anymore to open your door and need replacing.


Poor Distance or Don’t Work at All, Could Be Jammed Out.

If you find that your remotes are not working as far as they used to or only work while standing under the garage door opener, you could be getting jammed out by other stray signals.

To fix this we test the area using a signal spectrum radio analyser to find a problem in most cases.

If a jamming signal is found we try to eliminate it and if not we can use different receivers and remotes to over come the problem so you garage door works every time you push the remote button.