We Re-program Key FOB Remotes to garage door motors & gates.

We sell Key FOB remotes for most garage door openers.

If your garage door, gate motor does not work using your remote keys, we have solutions to fix them and get them working again.

We also have long range Key FOB remote key kits to for those situations where you remote keys have poor range.

Universal remotes available that suit most garage openers.

Aftermarket Generic Garage Door Remotes

Remote up grade from old big square remotes to small pocket size remotes are available for all door openers.

Some of the original remotes we have available.

Genuine Garage Door Remotes Key FOBS

Install Keypad Entry Systems to your door and gate.


B&D Key Pad for GARAGE DOOR  ATA Keypad for Garage Door Opener Centsys Gate Keypad wireless opener



Merlin MyQ Gate Way System that allows you to open and close your door using a smart phone or watch.

The Merlin MyQ Gate way, Simply plugs in you your internet home rougher and then allows you to run a APP on your smart phone and controls the door from anywhere you have internet access. It also notifies you every time the door is open and closed for security.

Idea for those wanting to allow family and friends or guests access to the house when you are not there.

ATA Smart Phone wifi hub.