Gliderol Garage Doors

At Sweet’s Garage Door Repairs Gold Coast.

We service and repair the Gliderol range of Garage Doors and motor openers.

So, if your door is not working properly in any way.

Our service technician will be able to fix 99% of your garage door problems on the spot.

A typical Gliderol panel lift door looks like the following photo.

Gliderol Panel Lift Door Gold Coast


They consist of torsion springs and cables that run down each side of the door.

The Springs usually last from 10 to 20 years before they break depending on the springs and how much use the door is used.

Cables need to be regularly checked usually when the door is serviced.

If you don’t get you door serviced regularly then always check them for any breaks in the wire or fraying.

If you have any bent or broken hinges regardless of what type of hinge style your door has.

We can replace then as we carry all the hinges for all doors.

So, call us to book a repair in and we will fix your door ASAP.