Garage Motors

All Sectional Panel Lift, Tilt Door or Roller Door Garage Motors Openers that we carry available listed on this page.

All the new range of garage motor openers for tilt or panel lift doors come with a C rail design that is usually belt driven or chain driven for heavy custom doors.

Merlin Motors


COMMANDER EXTREME MS125MYQ Sectional Panel or Tilt Door Garage Motor Opener.


Merlin MS105Myq Garage Door Motor Opener


This motor has Steel C Rail with Chain drive Designed for Extreme Conditions and heavy doors.

1200nm Max Pull Force.


Accessory available are.

  • Battery back up for when the mains power goes off.
  • Additional MyQ Gate way that then allows you to monitor and open and close you door from a smart phone.

COMMANDER ELITE MS105MYQ Sectional Panel or Tilt Door Garage Motor Opener.


Merlin MS105Myq Garage door Opener


  • This motor has a Steel C Rail with Belt drive and is Australia’s most popular choice for double garage doors.
  • Its is the main one used on any normal garage door and can stand up to a lot of work opening and closing many times in one day. 
  • 1000nm Max Pull Force.


Merlin MR855MYQ Roller Door Motor


MR855MYQ Roller Door Garage Door Opener


Merlin Accessories.


Merlin Baterry Pack


Battery back up for their rage simply plugs in an when the mains power goes out the garage door still functions normally off the battery back up.

Merlin MYQ Gate Way                  


This device allows you to operate your garage door using a smart phone device.

The Merlin MyQ Gate way, Simply plugs in you your internet home rougher and then allows you to run a APP on your smart phone and controls the door from anywhere you have internet access. It also notifies you every time the door is open and closed for security.

Idea for those wanting to allow family and friends or guests access to the house when you are not there.

Merlin Garage Light


MyQ Light can also be simply plugged into any power point and switched on by the Merlin APP as well.

Fitted under the eves of the house for added extra security.



B&D Motor Opener

Control a Door Secure avalible with Auto Door Lock.


ATA Motor Openers

ATA-2 TEMPO Sectional Panel or Tilt Door Garage Motor Opener.


ATA-2 Tempo Garage Door Opener


New Innovative NexGen platform

3 variable opening speeds [115-150-180mm/sec],

The ATA Tempo ATS-2 comes with a C steel Belt or Chain Rail depending on your style of door.

This ATA Motor Opener is also Available in an Aluminium Chain rail for heavy custom panel lift or tilt doors.


GDO-11 Sectional Panel or Tilt Door Garage Motor Opener.


ATA GDO-11 Garage Door Opener



GDO-6v4 EasyRoller Garage Door Motor Opener


ATA GDO 6v4 Garage Roller Door Opener


GDO-6v3 Garage Roller Door Motor Opener


ATA GDO6v3 Garage Roller Door Opener

Steel-Line SD-800 Panel or Tilt Door Garage Motor Opener.


Steel Line SDO800 Garage Door Opener



Maximum Garage Door Size 12 Square Meters  / that is used on normal medium garage doors or small doors / 800Nm Motor Pull Force


Marantec Comfort 270 Panel or Tilt Door Garage Motor Opener.


Marantec Garage Door Opener


Stratco RDO12 Garage Roller Door Motor Opener


Stratco Roller Garage Door Opener

Stratco SDO1200 Panel or Tilt Door Garage Motor Opener.


Stratco SDO1200 Garage Door Opener

Grifco Panel Lift Door Opener for a 15 car park Spaces Garage.


Grifco LS Drive Carpark Garage Door Opener