Repairing dented doors

Dented doors usually happen by somebody backing the car into the door when it’s closed or partly open.

In this case when the door has been dented this way if you’re fortunate enough the door might have only bent and buckled a bit and come out of the tracks.

We can easily usually repair these doors and have very little tell-tale signs of them ever been dented or bent that will work and run just as good as I did when they were first installed.


In extreme cases where the doors of been badly damaged we can straighten them enough to open and close properly again but will have signs of where it had been bent and dented that usually stand out on dark coloured doors.

We only do this option where the customer is not wanting to replace the door at this stage for one reason or another just, so they have a working door for now.


Sometimes it is only one panel that is bent or damaged that needs replacing to make your door look like a new door again.

Unfortunately, if your door is not very old it can be very difficult to get panels to replace them with and can be very costly to the point its best to replace the whole door as some door manufacturers charge a lot for just one panel.

Other options for just replacing one panel if the same kind of panel is not accessible from a manufacturer or is an old panel is to buy one similar and then get a painter to paint the whole door to a new colour but can also work out very costly as well.


Dents in doors only from objects or minor hits buy things.

Unfortunately trying to remove dents from doors that are only very small or could be just a buckle is virtually impossible without leaving some kind of mark of where the dent originally was as the door is not like a motor vehicles panel where I can be panel beaded out completely smooth to the point you cannot see where the damage was.

As a garage door is only a very thin sheet of steel that is usually always woodgrain finish and not smooth so therefore cannot be panel beating and replicate the woodgrain finish.